Return Policy

Items labeled with "No refund" (e.g. limited products, customized products) cannot be refunded nor exchanged.

Defective items can be either refunded or replaced by good items.

In case you have received wrong items, they are to be replaced by correct items or to be refunded.

Please check all the items once they have arrived.

No refund after use of the items.

Refund or exchange are not possible unless you contact us within seven days after receipt of the items (arrival date of the items is the day 1).

Refund or exchange are not possible after use of the items (if it is a helmet, trying it on indoor is considered as not used). Please be careful not to make scratches.
(Especially mat black-colored items get scratches quite easily. Please pay enough attention to your nails and rings).

Please place the items in the helmet bags and repack them as close possible as the time of their arrival.
(Please pay extra attention to the mat black-colored items as they get scratches quite easily).

To initiate your return, please contact us first. We are not able to address the returned items without any prior notice (We are afraid that returned items will be disposed).

Shipping cost for the returned items should be paid at your end.
We will refund the amount excluding the shipping fee of the time of our shipment.

Situations where items are not considered as defective

Vintage-styled items.
The items should have a vintage look.

Blowholes, unpolished parts or polishing flaws of casting products.
They should have a vintage look.

The surface of leather products.
The existing scratches, wrinkles and the unevenness of colors are supposed to be there to indicate a long usage.

Please contact us at the email below after reading the above conditions.


We will respond as soon as possible once necessary checking is done.